Why Cymbomute?



Cymbomute gives you the freedom to achieve more from your practice.

Cymbomute, the best practice mute for REAL cymbals - no pads, no plastic.

For all sizes & types of cymbal.

Keep the feel of your full cymbal set-up - but cut the volume.

All for less than re-heading your kit, or re-stocking your stick bag.


Acoustic practice is great, but sometimes volume is a problem. With Cymbomute you can use your real cymbals but cut the volume. So, if you need low volume, but want real cymbal feel, Cymbomute is the solution. Cymbomute outperforms a standard rubbery cymbal pad in playing feel & volume reduction.

Think About it... 

You love your cymbals. You chose your setup. You love the stick rebound from your ride, you know how your crashes move, you set the splash cymbals to a perfect position. Don't discard this for dull feeling plastic pads! For less cost than new drumheads or re-stocking your stick bag, you can fit Cymbomute and have the freedom to get more from your practice.

Cymbomute Artists:

Steve White - UK Drumming Legend

“Cymbomute - a really cool idea, perfect for my practice set-up and British too!”


Russ McKinnon - US Drumming Legend

“They work great! Cymbomutes are one of the best practice and teaching accessories to come along in a very long time.”

Elliot Henshaw - Top UK Pro Drummer

“I can now easily practise on MY cymbals without the neighbours wanting my blood!”

Cymbomute Reviews & Features:

modern drummer logo

"...make[s] the process of practicing on cymbals at low volume easier, cleaner, and quieter"

Read the July 2016 Modern Drummer Review HERE

"...a revelation. They work across the board: hats, crashes, ride, and even our eardrum-crushing 18" China is well and truly tamed."

Read the Sept 2014 Rhythm Magazine Review HERE

drummer magazine logo

"a great product that means you don’t have to change the way you play the kit."

Read the Oct 2014 Drummer Magazine Review HERE

Drum! magazine logo

"Practice is 'Back to Bronze'! No more 'pad aim', no more 'rubbery rebound' – just play!"

Link to the Drum Magazine Online Feature HERE

drumhead mag logo

"Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to retain the use of their REAL cymbals when volume is a constraint."

Read the Drumhead feature HERE

drummer cafe logo

"...best of all — you can practice on the same cymbals you perform on."

Link to the Drummer Cafe online feature HERE

mike dollar logo

"Not only did they reduce the noise but still feeling like I was playing proper cymbals, not pads. My hi-hat responded as normal when played with stick or by foot"

Link to the Mike Dolbear online review HERE

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Brought to you by...

Drummers Brainchild Director : Hugh Lawrence. A pro' drummer, drum tutor and entrepreneur. Hugh really cares about helping his fellow drummers achieve their goals.

Cymbomute CEO Hugh Lawrence

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Paiste Cymbals, VicFirth Sticks LP Congas, Remo drumheads, Shure Microphones.