Modern Drummer Review

Cymbomute - Cymbal Dampeners:

Rubber rings to control volume without destroying feel.

Many drummers struggle to figure out how to practice quietly. Whether we live in an apartment complex or in a house with young children, we don't always have the opportunity to practice at normal volume. Sometimes the only option is to practice on rubber pads, which can wreak havoc on your wrists if you're not using proper technique, and they can limit your creativity. 

UK-based company Cymbomute aims to make the process of practicing on cymbals at low volume easier, cleaner, and quieter. We received a full set of mutes for review, which accommodated everything from 14" hi-hats to a 22" ride. The mutes fit over the edge of the cymbal and are held in place by their own tension. Each mute has enough flex to fit two cymbal sizes, thus making them more versatile.

The Cymbomute requires a little finagling to put on a cymbal for the first time. But once it's on, it stays in place. I found that folding the mute to create a crease in the center helped make the installation process easier. The mute didn't move regardless of how hard I hit the cymbal.

Cymbomute's latest product, the Wide Ride, is made with 100 mm material instead of the standard 50 mm.This model is meant to give greater volume reduction on 18"-24" cymbals without changing the feel. I found very little difference in stick rebound on the ride cymbal with or without the mute installed.

Cymbomutes are well made, and if used with care (do not use splintered sticks), they can be kept on cymbals indefinitely without tearing or fraying. A set of three Cymbomutes (14" or 15" hi-hats, 16" or 17" crash, and 20" or 21" ride) sells for under $40, and a four-piece pack is available for $49.99. Check them out at Nick Amoroso