Friends, Associates, and Other useful links.

If you want your link here feel free to email- hugh(at)  Thanks, Hugh. - Your #1 source for quality Drum Links! - A very handy website for finding drum teachers in the UK. - If you're in Canada and looking for a drum teacher... - Or perhaps the USA? A very useful site.

Libratus Design - Tom Sullivan, a fantastic freelance creative designer. Packaging design, coding, graphics and more... 

Abi Wright - Video, graphics, photography.

Liberty Drums - Hugh's idea for a custom kit became the Liberty Richmond Range - fabulous British drums.

Big Fat Snare Drum - what a useful little accessory!

Low Boy Beaters - Boom! Add wood to your Kick sound.

Rusty Drums - UK used drum dealer (and more)

Paiste Cymbals - Hugh's cymbals of choice

Shopify - ecommerce platform