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Cymbomute - Cymbal mutes that give your cymbals a real feel

Words: Andy Hurley

Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic

The packaging on Cymbomute introduces these cymbal mutes with ‘Keep the Feel – Cut the Volume’. As a drummer who regularly needs to practise at home, a way of silencing the kit so as not to upset family and the neighbours is a must.

In Detail

These mutes are made from elasticated, woven material and fit around the cymbal rim. They feel robust in their construction and are currently available in black and gold.
They are supplied in different sizes to fit various cymbals and are 1mm thick; the gold mutes are 5cm wide while the black mutes are slightly smaller in diameter. The material folds around the cymbal’s edge.

In Use

cymbomute drummer mag review

Fitting the mutes takes a little practice at first. There definitely is a knack to it (and a video link from the company to show you how), but once you’ve mastered this, they are very secure. They look good too – much better than regular silencer pads.
 Most important of all, they do work really well. Striking the cymbal edge produces nothing more than a soft, dull sound, and striking the bell of the ride is louder but still muted.
The feel is more normal than playing with pads; I often end up chasing a silencer pad as the cymbal starts to rotate, but with the Cymbomute this problem is gone as the mute sits around the entire circumference of the cymbal.
The instructions warn of using damaged or worn drumsticks on the Cymbomute, which may shorten the life of the product, which is common sense. They do seem to be made to a high quality.
Cymbomute is a great product that means you don’t have to change the way you play the kit. They look good and are affordable too, with individual prices beginning at £7 and multi- sets available from £25.