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Cymbomute Drumhead magazine featureCymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to retain the use of their REAL cymbals when volume is a constraint. Simply stretch the mute around the cymbal - each mute has a ready-to-go centre fold to keep it seated on the rim. Practice is ‘Back to Bronze’! No more ‘pad aim’, no more ‘rubbery rebound’ – just play!

The Cymbomute Wide Ride is the latest product from Cymbomute Ltd. With 100mm width of material muting the cymbal, rather than the standard 50mm, the WIDE RIDE mute gives even more volume reduction for cymbals sized 18” – 24”.

Now, in combination with the original Cymbomute & Cymbomute GOLD, drummers can attenuate cymbal volume, optimize their practice, and enjoy (quietly!) playing their treasured cymbals.

Cymbomute remains a 100% British made, high quality product. Available to fit cymbals from 06”-24”