Hugh's journey from kitchen table to micro-multinational.

Hugh Lawrence

Drummers Brainchild has one aim - to design and create quality useful things for drummers. I design my products for quality and purpose, not for maximum profit. Other resources are created, or enhanced (like Beat Writer) for usefulness.



I sell products made in the U.K. by properly paid skilled people. I believe this leads to higher quality, a lower carbon footprint, and a more ethical stance.
could reduce the factory cost by bringing products in from a low paid economy somewhere in the world, (with dubious working practices and human rights issues?) - but I choose not to. I also want to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible by reducing factory to consumer miles.
When you buy one of my products, you are supporting a small independent business that is trying to "do the right thing". You are not contributing to anonymous shareholders, you are helping a fellow musician support his family.
 Thank you.
Hugh Lawrence. Director of Drummers Brainchild Ltd.

 Timeline of the business:

1997 - When learning Jazz ride patters, Hugh's teacher gave him a cymbal mute made from elastic. This was an old trick from Top of the Pops as far back as the 1960's. a few people had made their own or even sold them via local drum shops.
2012 - With a new baby in the house Hugh made some cymbal mutes and realised that there may be a market for these.
2013 - Cymbomute Logo became the name and cymbomute.com opened for business. Sales were a trickle, but enough to confirm the concept was worth developing. 
2014 - Cymbomute GOLD offered as an alternative to Black. Cymbomute nominated for 'best drum innovation' by MusicRadar. Cymbomute recieved great press from: Mike Dolbear, Rhythm Magazine, Drummer Magazine, Modern Drummer, Drum! and Drumhead magazine -  all running features and reviews.
2015 - Cymbomute WIDE RIDE offered as a double depth mute for larger cymbals. All mutes now made in a hi-tech UK factory to exacting standards.
2015 - Cymbomute became available on Amazon USA / Canada / UK / Across Europe / Japan and Australia.
2016 - Retail distribution deals done with several leading music distribution companies across Europe.
2017 - Cymbomute Pro360º - bringing a silicone 'bumper' to cymbomute adding to the lifespan and strength. A Premium Cymbomute so much better we stopped making others.
2018 - Hugh applied for a patent on a Magnetic brush holder that could hold drummers brushes. The Mk1 "Magnobuddy" was launched. This also enabled "LugLocker" tension rod locking nuts to be launched alongside. All under the new banner of UK Percussion Concepts Ltd
2019 and 2020 - Hugh moved house and then, well covid, home school and lockdown... The Patent for the Brush holder was awarded however 👍
2021 - With renewed focus on product improvement and development, Hugh started work on new products and a re-design of the Brush Holder.
October 2021 - The Company became Drummers Brainchild Ltd. Drummers Brainchild Logo
Now selling Cymbomute Pro360º, the Leg-Up floor tom accessories mount. Developing the drummers brush holder mk2, and Beat Writer - an online drum notation tool.
For 2022 - The Drummers Brush Holder mk2, and more products...