October 16 update

cymbomute news web design website update

As business moves forwards and things change, websites must reflect that change. So, during September I set about doing a cymbomute.com update. I did not want to add more content, nor change any wording (we are in 5 languages after all!) - but I did want to make the site more mobile friendly, better organised, easy to navigate, and simpler!

So now we have a simple website layout with a sidebar navigation that allows people to move around the site more easily. We have also re-organised the page structure of the site and you can buy right from the home page.

Now anyone can find our distribution companies around the world (more coming!) from the new distribution page (includes amazon marketplaces too) - or they can still easily buy direct.

As I write this we are still working on the coding for the non-English languages, but the site is done in English. We've added Indian rupees and Japanese yen to the currency switcher too. 

I have never been happier with the cymbomute site - it's funny how small changes can make such a difference!

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