Cymbomute Pro360º finally on sale!

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Yesterday was a day I'd been waiting for for around 8 months!

I pushed the "big green button" and went live with Cymbomute Pro360º. Check it out - it has a silicone bumper to accept stick impact.

The idea was based on customer feedback, and that I'm constantly seeking ways to improve cymbomute (Kaizen). Some customers (who are much more heavy handed than I) were playing through their mutes more quickly than anticipated. Some of this may be attributable to too much aggrression, or incorrect technique, however - this does not mean I ignore the feedback - far from it.

Initially I was considering a rubber strip that would sit under the mute - but manufacturing costs would've made it too expensive. Then, after a long meeting with my narrow fabric weavers, we decided to combine THREE technologies that had never actually been used together, namely: stretch fabric, nylon reinforcement weave, and silicone. BOOM - the concept was born! We then spent many months trialling different options before settling on the final Pro360 weave. The silicone had to allow the fabric to still fold around the rim, the yellow reinforcement had to be in the right place, and the fabric had to have the right stretch factor to fit well. - I bet you'd never think that much development went into a cymbomute right?!

Then testing. I found the biggest stick I could, set a Pro360º on my crash cymbal and hit the heck out of it for an hour per day for a week! the result was some wear to the silicone, but the fabric underneath remained solid - so JOB DONE! Cymbomute Pro360º is stronger (not totally indestructible) but stronger. Best of all the muting factor was just as good as the original mute.

To follow was: photoshoot, graphic design, print for packaging, and dull things like bar codes, intellectual property, and more. There were a few snags and delays along the way - the original launch date was June 2017 - but as of Monday 21st August 2017, Cymbomute Pro360º is now available.

While the devlopment of the Pro360 was happening, I also reviewed the Original Range, made a few changes, and as a result ALL CYMBOMUTE PRODUCTS ARE DOWN IN PRICE!

So there you go, a little insight into the development of cymbomute Pro360º. I sincerely hope you're getting the most from your drum practice time, and if Cymbomute could help you - you know where we are!


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