January Europe Press Release

Today I sent a press release out to many European Drumming magazines. Firstly to raise their awareness of Cymbomute, and also to get the word out about the amazon side of the business.

Here is the text:

Now available across Europe. From Amazon and Cymbomute.com

Cymbomute = Cymbal Mute. A Cymbomute is a stretchy material band that sits on the rim of a cymbal and absorbs sound. The experience of playing real cymbals is not lost, but the volume is greatly reduced. 1000’s of drummers have discovered that Cymbomute is the perfect partner to mesh heads or practice pads. And now: Cymbomute is now available across Europe, even more easily!

All Cymbomute products are now sold and shipped by: amazon.fr amazon.de amazon.it amazon.es amazon.co.uk and you can buy direct from Cymbomute.com

With Cymbomute, any cymbal can be muted as they are made in sizes from 6-24inches. Drummers can now practice on the same cymbals they use live! Simply fold, stretch and play – Just Play!

Like drumheads and sticks, Cymbomute is a consumable. So when it is time to replace or add to your mutes there is a comprehensive range available. Meanwhile your family, neighbours and hearing will be less affected by your practice!

Cymbomute designed & made in the U.K. by Cymbomute Ltd, a family business with an innovative product to get out into the world.

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