November News & Black Friday

We are gearing up for the holiday season!

Plenty of stock is ready to ship - and remember we ship worldwide, with fast delivery times for only £5.99 outside of the UK and £2.99 in the UK.

You may have noticed that all cymbomute products are now also listed on and  (and - this was a major project but we're glad it's done. Some of our stock is held by amazon, ready to ship from their warehouses, and some items are fulfilled (just as quickly) by us.

We are planning a flash sale for Black Friday - and this still gives customers time to have hold of their cymbomutes in time for Christmas! - follow our twitter / facebook / instagram feeds to find the deals!!

Hugh recently wrote an article: '5 great gifts for a drummer' - worth a read if you're shopping for a drummer this Christmas!

Don't forget we also sell the famous CYMBOMUTE GIFT CARD!! - should you be wanting to buy for someone, but are unsure of their exact requirements - do it, do it now - lol.


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