Cymbomute NEWS Sept 2015

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Well, The summer was a busy time for us at!

We launched the WIDE RIDE mute, went 'pro' on Amazon, redesigned the packaging, opened a fledgling presence on eBay, and we are still in the throws of improving the user experience of Check back to see how we're doing on simplifying the site based on how users are navigating and viewing the content. We are continually seeking ways to improve the business, and grow organically by not only providing outstanding customer service, but simply providing a great product in the best possible way.

We have just placed a new ad on using a new strap line "back on bronze" - we are really happy with the ad, our designer did a great job with it and we are happy too with the message - simply that practicing on REAL cymbals is always going to be better than rubber or plastic...

Watch out for our ads running across more drumming websites soon too! Namely DRUM!, Drummercafe, Not so modern drummer, the black page, drumchannel, and online drummer . We are hoping to attract more visitors to thus more people will discover the solution of cymbomute!!

The "to do" list for the coming months is just as busy too - we are working hard on improving our delivery times and shipping options - especially for our US customers. We hope to have new systems in place in time for the busy season come November / December.

Happy Autumn / Fall to everyone! - Hugh Lawrence, Director Cymbomute Ltd

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