Drum Innovation of 2014!

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We are so happy to be nominated by Rhythm Magazine UK for 'Drum Innovation of 2014' in the Music Radar Readers Poll!

Anyone can vote at : http://www.musicradar.com/news/drums/rhythm-2014-readers-poll-609149 if you have a minute, please vote for cymbomute.

We are not expecting to win, as there are some big corporations, with big marketing budgets in the same category - but that's not the point. When a publication such as Rhythm gives us such a ringing endorsement, by including us in the poll - we've already won!

Perhaps this 'shot in the arm' will convince yet more drummers that if they would rather play REAL cymbals when they need it quiet - Cymbomute is the answer. - They really are the best cymbal mute out there.

Having the press behind us feels great. We also have some big name drummers who have put their name to the product. British Drummer Steve White is an ambassador for cymbomute. As is USA session drummer Russ McKinnon. Add to that: Elliot Henshaw, Ian Bee, Lee Smith, and Richard Wilson - all great drummers, and teachers.

We have some more exciting news in the pipeline too, but we'd better keep that under wraps until the time comes. Meanwhile, please continue to enjoy practice with cymbomute - or buy some today if you've not yet discovered the Optimum Cymbal Mute Design.


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