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Funk, Pop, Jazz, Cool.  Four big words to describe a drummer, songwriter and producer who has commanded respect from his peers and from the music listeners (that would be us then) and watchers (yes, we do that too) since the early 1970's.

Work on Late Night with David Letterman, to The Blues Brothers, to Eric Clapton, to Keith Richards and the Stones and to John Mayer and The Verbs, Jordan brings a deep pocket and open ear(s) - he has two functioning ones, I checked) to every situation.

His production credits maybe even eclipse his playing ones with the likes of Robert Cray (Grammy nomination 'natch), Sheryl Crow, BB King, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Bob Dylan and Neil Young calling on him to help them find their musical way.

Recently he has seen a considerable portion of his live (and studio) work with guitarist John Mayer pushing his John Mayer Trio (formed with Pino Palladino), which has given us the pleasure of seeing him on stage.  You can still also see him in the comfort of your own home (when you don't feel like venturing outside) as Jordan put out a VHS (that's like a DVD kids but much more hassle) stating that 'The Groove is Here'.  It is and the bonus is, the lovely people at Rittor Music transferred it to DVD.  Otherwise, check out YouTube if you aren't familiar with his playing, there's plenty of clips (and I envy you the discovery).  In all he is centered, commanding and downright funky (that's 'funkay' people), with that hunch and drop shoulder groove that fills any studio or auditorium.

Jordan has been a Paiste endorsee since 1985 and tends to favour, large, thin and darker sounding cymbals. 

I tend to think of his crashes as explosions of wash which sparsely punctuate the music.  His hats are swishes and roars on the tops of the wave to keep the boat moving (his hats are big too as the boat is more than a pedalo man) and his ride is the deep surf that carries everything on to the shore (and he'll wreck ya' if he wants too).

So what are these cymbals then, that provoke such wordplay from the keys of this (very old and tired) laptop?  Well, park your wallet somewhere safe as here goes...

Hi Hats - 17" Signature Traditionals Thin Crash (top) - I have one of these and it sounds big as a crash! - 17" Twenty Series Full Crash (Prototype - so good luck with that one) - (bottom)

20" Masters Series Dark Crash / Ride

22" Signature Traditionals Light Ride

Yes, I wasn't kidding.  Big cymbals with a big sound, quiet as mice when you want them to be, roaring like lions when you give them a bit of, well, stick.

Perfect really for the Pro 360 cymbomute when Steve finds himself at home with Mrs Getz (with the cats) from downstairs in earshot.

Until next time, you know what to do...(no not that thing, the other thing...yes, that).

Happy drumming people!

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